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Liette Lapointe, PhD
Dr. Liette Lapointe is currently Associate Professor, Information Systems Area Coordinator and Director of the Business and Management Research Center at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University. She holds a M.Sc. in Healthcare Administration from the Faculty of Medicine at Université de Montréal and a Ph.D. in Administration (Information Systems) from HEC Montréal. Her research in information systems and healthcare management has been presented in conferences worldwide (ASAC, HICSS, AMIA, CIAG, CGSA) and published in scientific journals in management and medicine, such as MISQ Quarterly, Organization Science, Healthcare Quarterly, and the Canadian Medical Association Journal. She received the MISQ Best Paper Award for her paper entitled A Multilevel Model of Resistance to Information Technology Implementation.

Dr. Lapointe's current research interests concern resistance to information technology and the implementation of information systems in the healthcare industry. In collaboration with colleagues and graduate students in management, she is conducting studies on the management of user resistance, on the effects of fad and fashion on diffusion of innovations, and on the issue of ambivalence in the adoption of information technology. In healthcare management and medicine, her main research projects concerns the implementation of new models of integrated care, the use of information technology in geriatrics, and the impacts of information technology in healthcare, including the notions of productivity paradox and stakeholders.

Liette Lapointe, PhD
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McGill University
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