CIHR Team in Frailty and Aging  


The National Advisory Committee supports the Frailty and Aging Team with representation from across Canada, providing expertise in the clinical and policy making areas of social and health care delivery systems for older persons. Members of the committee participate in the scientific life, debates and activities conducted by the Team

David Gass, Department of Family Medicine, Dalhousie University
David Hogan, Geriatric Medicine, University of Calgary
Grace Maier, Specialized Geriatrics Program, Capital Health, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital
Nancy Milroy-Swainson, Primary and Continuing Health Care, Health Policy Branch, Health Canada
Chris Patterson, Geriatric Medicine, McMaster University
David Pedlar, Veterans Affairs Canada
Chris Rauscher, Primary Health Care, Medical Services Division, Ministry of Health
Jean Rochon, Systèmes de soins et services, Institut national de santé publique


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