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Understanding frailty and frail older persons' needs, to design innovative models of care
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· Second International Meeting, Relating Frailty Profiles to Integrated Services, November 10-11, 2011, Montreal, Quebec. (content is password protected) Click Here
· BULLETIN UPDATE - Spring / Summer 2009 Click Here
· First International Meeting, The Health and Ageing Pathways: From Research to Population Health, February 14, 2008, Montreal, Quebec. (content is password protected)  Click Here

In 2007, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research awarded the SOLIDAGE and PRISMA Research Groups a CIHR Team in Frailty and Aging grant of $3.7 million dollars over a 5-year period. The combined research team effort emphasises population health and tools for integration of care for frail older persons. The program addresses issues of primary importance to Canadian health authorities and relevant to health reform initiatives in Canadian provinces. (Program summary)

The Frailty and Aging program has three main objectives:

  • to understand the components, processes and consequences of frailty in the elderly population
  • to promote integrated care for frail older persons by modifying professional practices and developing patient assessment tools
  • to develop programs and strategies to enhance the use of population health evidence, management and clinical tools within integrated social and health care settings

The CIHR Team in Frailty and Aging program integrates decision makers, clinicians and leading researchers across sectors, disciplines and provinces, and includes an international component.

Team leaders:

François Béland, PhD
Co-director, SOLIDAGE Research Group
Professor, Department of Health Administration
Université de Montréal


André Tourigny, MD
Associate Researcher, PRISMA Research Group
Assistant Professeur, Department of Medicine
Université Laval


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